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If your relationships are not working for you this might result in you experiencing any of the following:

You might be having mixed feelings about your relationships and want to:

Do you want to feel better? Have the kind of relationships you want?

You have to start somewhere. We will help you to begin talking openly about your situation in a supportive, professional, and respectful environment. You will be listened to empathically and without judgement. Research shows that receiving feedback and understanding brings clarity and relief. Such relief from physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms will make life feel more worthwhile. You may find yourself acting more freely and confidently, with greater awareness and direction.

You will find counselling and therapy results in:

It is possible to get help and feel better about your life and your relationships. Counselling and psychotherapy can be empowering and transformative and is available to those who want to change unsatisfactory patterns.

Are you ready to take the first step to change?

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